How do I measure blog success?

December 29, 2009 at 1:37 am | Posted in social media | 4 Comments
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What gets measured, gets done.

Blogging has yielded some spectacular corporate successes, which are detailed in the seminal book Groundswell.

I strongly recommend you read this book.

I currently use six ways to measure blogging success:

1.  Site statistics.

I check my stats several times every day to see which blogs are sending traffic to which websites. I can even see which blog posts are performing better than others.

2.  Blog ranking.

I register my blogs with a ranking site that shows how well they’re performing relative to other blogs in their topic. This info is updated hourly.


When people leave comments, that means they’re visiting and reading. The more comments the better (though I do have to weed out spammers and ravers).

4.  Subscriptions.

Even better than comments are subscribes. When a person says YES to an email or RSS (short for Really Simple Syndication) feed of your blog, you know they’re digging it.

Building a subscriber base is the holy grail of blogging, as you can use it for a host of permission marketing initiatives.

5.  Sales.

Several new clients have approached me saying something like, ‘I found you via your blog, read your stuff for a while and decided you were the sort of person I wanted to do business with.’

For me, this is the acid test of a blog’s success. After all, that’s one of the main reasons we’re writing the damn thing!

6. Vibe.

In a few short months, my horse breeding client has reported a very positive reaction from clients and industry people.

She’s also feeling freer, as she’s getting prospects to read the blog before asking her questions.

She used to have to spend hours repeating herself to each inquirer.

She’s loving the process of decanting her wisdom to a blog that people can read without bothering her.

It’s much easier for her to fill in the gaps once people have some idea of what she’s on about.

And those who don’t like the blog’s style or content can deselect themselves (as they’re not the sort of people she wants handling her beloved horses anyway).

I’m heading up there for another overnighter soon, collecting photos and stories to keep feeding the blog.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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  1. It’s great to see a post about how blog publishers measure performance. The metrics are sound.

    Do you also have metrics in place for measuring content selection? How do you weigh and measure what should be included on a blog and how to prioritize and categorize the information?

    Have you ever wondered about how many blog masterpieces are locked inside brains, similar to all those children forever frozen in digital pictures never to be printed by their parents (that was a great commercial).

    Kudos for continuously producing timely and relevant content which gets published so it can be measured!


    • Dear Cheryl, how ace that you’re the first to comment on my new blog! Thanks for being so quick off the mark.

      Alas, I don’t yet have the depth of mastery you describe. But I’m reading, experimenting and learning every single day.

      Your point about masterpieces totally resonates. I’m so glad blogging has come along. I finally have a way to channel my thoughts and experiences to a useful purpose.

      Best regards and thanks again! P. 🙂

  2. Dear Paul,
    Well done! I’m finally back online after dealing with an ill family member,new foals and visiting grandchildren.The stuff that clogs our brains and eventually inspires blog masterpieces.
    I continue to receive positive responses and new contacts from my blog even though I haven’t added to it for a while.

    I am extremely grateful for your editing genius that turns my ramblings into sharp, concise reading yet still says exactly what I wanted to say.
    I’m looking forward to more of your amazing ideas.

    Judy O

    • Thank you very much, Judy. It’s great to have you back in the saddle. (I suppose you get that all the time!) 🙂

      It’s a pleasure and an honour to work with you and I greatly look forward to taking Good Morgans to the next level. 🙂

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