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If you find a blogger who mentions your products or services, leave a comment or get your representative to do it.

Most blogs let you add a link (also called a URL – short for Uniform [or Universal] Resource Locator) back to your site when you comment.

This is good for creating fresh visitor traffic and improving your online search ranking performance.

It  also shows that your organisation is active in the social media space (and therefore ‘switched-on’ in the minds of Generation Y and younger audiences).

Better still, if your competitors don’t follow your lead, you may open a point of difference that they can never close.

Your social media participation may also prompt blog owners to ask you or your representative for content – or even an interview.

At this point, you can start steering the conversation your way.

Finally, consistent online participation by you or your rep provides a contact name for anyone with good or bad news to impart.

Thus, each blogger your cultivate is like a listening post in no-man’s land. The more you have, the better your field intelligence – which is vital for the battles ahead.

By promoting good things and resolving bad, you build and optimise your brand many times faster than has ever been possible.

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  1. Hi Paul.
    I thought of something Hugh McLeod used to be fond of saying, in relation to how marketing was going to change with the advent of blogs (this is going back 4 or 5 years). He often said that it was no longer possible to control the conversation (a common goal for marketers and PR people); instead, it was better to invest your energies in improving the conversations.

    By using the tools you’re talking about here on this blog, and by being open, honest and informative, everyone can pitch in to improve the conversation.

    • Thank you, Stephen. I couldn’t have said it better! I believe that prediction so much, I wove a variation of it into the introduction for my blogging pitch.

      I’m really pleased to have you in this forum, as you always add so much value. Many thanks for visiting. 🙂

      • Are you referring to the ‘living by the sword’ line? I saw that when I read your pitch earlier, and I don’t mind saying I had a wee chuckle at it. I like it a lot!

        Happy to pop by; you’ve got some great stuff here. You are becoming quite prolific, Paul. Keep it up!

        • I meant this one, Stephen:

          ‘Soon there’ll be two types of organisation:

          1. Those who get carted from pillar to post by a horde of angry / unreasonable /
          ill-informed Web 2.0 (social media) commentators.

          2. Those who, while they can’t control online discussions about them and their products, participate for best results.’

          Thanks for digging this scene, Mate. It’s coming together swiftly and pleasingly. 🙂

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