Your emails are blog posts!

January 4, 2010 at 9:28 am | Posted in social media | 6 Comments
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A trove of blog posts may already be yours!

Many of my clients understand that they need to blog. Yet they’re thwarted by two mind blocks:

  1. What will I write about?
  2. How will I find the time?

What they don’t realise is that their blog posts may already be written – in their emails!

Let’s say you make uber-hi-tech vacuum cleaners.

One day, a frantic customer asks how to extract a hamster from the hypohepozappofilter without damaging either.

As a caring, conscientious manufacturer, you (or your tech person) take the time to write and send clear instructions to resolve this problem.

Six months later, you’re about to clean out your email Sent Folder.


Your hamster extraction email needs only a brief ‘top and tail’ edit to become a blog post.

And while this problem may not be common, anyone who does suffer it in future will be mighty grateful the answer is already online.

They can search your blog and fix their issue, without the hassle and embarrassment of contacting you.

And you don’t have to waste time considering the situation and writing the solution all over again.

If you don’t keep an email Sent Folder, start today.

If you do, cast your eye over it.

I’ll bet London to a brick you and your staff have written heaps of content that’s begging to be posted on your blog.

I’m not fond of the word ‘leverage’.

But when it means wringing the last atom of utility from a piece of work you’ve already done by reusing it in elegant new ways, I’m a fan!


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.

Pic by Meanest Indian.


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  1. Heya Cobba 🙂

    No bluddy ’bout a doutbchya’ mate…here you are continuing your intrepid journey of putting the value back in value 🙂

    Couldn’t agree more mate…the only problems I have are choosing what to write about and how to keep it to a readable size. You know me…when everything is connected to everything, drawing lines, especially straight ones, is ‘literarily’ like the ol’ square peg in the round hole. There are no straight lines in Nature…funny about that ey? 🙂

    It would be a dull universe indeed if one couldn’t occasionally get a hamster stuck in one’s hypohepozappofilter 🙂

    Great post as always mate 🙂


    Stephen G

    • Thank you, Stephen; you are consistently kind with your comments and it’s wonderful to see your face in this exciting new space. Really good to hear from you again today, too. Onward and upward! 🙂

  2. Now now Paul, don’t go getting too heavy handed with the pearls of wisdom or you’ll do me out of a job! As a copywriter, I write blog posts for some of my clients but some of them have a tough time trying to think of topics they want me to write for them. I tell them to keep notes, as rough as they like, when they think of a topic that would be of value to their audience.

    Your article above is actually a gem because people often don’t realise that they are constantly writing material anyway. Then, when it comes to creating a blog post, they think they have nothing to write about!

    Even people who use a copywriter to fashion their topics into engaging blog posts need tips on where to pan for their content gold. What you’ve suggested is cool because the sentences they write to an enquiring customer are exactly what other customers may need to know. FAQs are perfect blog fodder and what better place to find them than the emails you’ve already sent in response to the questions.

    Nice work!

    • SO nice to see you, Gina! Sorry about that. I’m a terror when it comes to doing even myself out of a job: I’m delighted to hear this advice resonates with you and yours. There’s no better test of a blog post than to hear what folk like you in the field think of it. My hope is that whatever free help we give to prospects and clients, it’ll all come back in some way when The Great Wheel turns again. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your valuable thoughts. P. 🙂

  3. Hi Paul,
    Now you’ve got me hooked. My ‘out box’ is stuffed full of pearls of wisdom.
    Thank you.

    • That’s great to hear, Tina. And by the look of your business, your pearls have the sweet smell of success! Thanks so much for your lovely feedback. Best regards, P. 🙂

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