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January 5, 2010 at 11:14 am | Posted in social media | 4 Comments
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Walk and chew blog at the same time! Photo by James Cridland.

Does your whizz-bang new mobile (cell) phone have a built-in or downloadable dictaphone?

If it does, you may be able to blog without blogging.

Simply dictate short posts when you’re doing anything that may interest your staff, clients, suppliers or other ‘watchers’.

Then, get a keen youngster to transcribe them verbatim for a few coppers.

You can then whack these blog posts into shape yourself, or send them to me for optimisation.

Dictating on the run means you don’t have to find time to sit down and write from scratch.

It also adds an immediacy to content that readers find attractive and refreshing.

Imagine you run a foundry. One day, your metallurgist reports that a batch of casts is failing quality checks.

You hurry into the hot, dusty space, cursing into your dictaphone. Within minutes, your expert eye tells you the resin isn’t binding the sand cores as it should.

You press ‘record’ and rattle off your diagnosis and plan of action.

Then you email the sound file to your scribe.

Before day’s end, you have a blog post that:

  1. Alerts management and staff across your organisation so they can swing into action.
  2. Makes your resin supplier leap out of their skin to rectify the problem in record time.
  3. Explains to customers that a batch may be delayed (because you refuse to send imperfect products). 
  4. Enthralls and educates students (i.e. future staff) and other parties interested in the cut and thrust of your products, processes and industry.

That’s what I call multi-tasking.

If your phone can’t do this, you may wish to invest in a dictaphone.

Let us know how you get on!

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  1. Great idea Paul especially for those of us who are not natural writers but love to talk.

    • Thank you, Susan. I encountered many managers like that in my HR days. I’d be great if they could channel that energy into a written, online form that works hard for them (and lives forever!). 🙂

  2. Have just caught up with this latest endeavour Paul. Superb tips. I’ll admit, most blogging is anathema to me … I prefer silent meditation … but I’m learning much from you. Which makes me think it’s not having a blog (blogging is the new 15 seconds of fame after all) but building the relationships through honest communication that counts.

    Thanks for the wise words.

    • Thanks heaps, Adam! I greatly appreciate your eagle eye and considered thoughts.

      Blogging for fame, or to ram junk down strangers’ throats, certainly isn’t the way to go. The pundits I respect say blogging should entertain, educate or assist (ideally all three).

      And as this meshes closely with my goal to live life as a reasonable bloke, I feel blogging is a highly suitable channel for my energies.

      I’m very glad you’re getting something from this outing and I hope you come back soon. Best regards, P. 🙂

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