How to find and follow relevant people on Twitter.

April 24, 2010 at 9:28 am | Posted in social media | 4 Comments
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Mark my words: relevant Twitter followers are GOLD.

This week I offered advice to a client who’s making a splash in national media:

I’d like to see you get more Twitter followers.

The easiest way is to follow others who are relevant to your cause.

Most will follow you back

Just a dozen or so each week will soon add up.

You can’t afford to wait for cats to find you.

My client asked me how to find and follow. So I said:

In Twitter, click on Find People.

Type in a keyword, like wine*.

Click Search.

Anyone with wine in their name will come up.

Follow the ones that look interesting.

Repeat with a new keyword, like grapes.


My client got the message and is now happily building a relevant following.

As social media continues to shape the way we do business, this will become a priceless resource over time.

Try it! 🙂

* I changed these keywords to conceal my client’s industry and identity. But the principles are the same.

Paul Hassing, Founder and Senior Writer, The Feisty Empire.


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  1. Thanks really advice and great to see Twittwr can be used for business I wasn’t sure how but you have explained it perfectly thanks!

    • Thanks a lot, Malcolm! I’m trying to pass on my knowledge to others. It’s very nice to know you’re out there and digging the scene. Come back soon! Best regards, P. 🙂

  2. I just couldn’t make Twitter sing for me, but I find networking anathema, and so am a very poor test case. All power to those that make it work for them, including you Paul, and your 10,000+ followers. Your advice is simple and sound. Perhaps I ought rejoin and try keywords like ‘lone wolf’ and ‘flying solo’ and ‘don’t bug me’.

    Let’s see if that chick flies.


    • Great to get your feedback, Ad. It’s because I hate networking in person that I’m so taken with Twitter. An arm’s length makes all the difference for me.

      But it certainly ain’t for everyone. You have to work at it and it can very easily suck hours out of your day.

      I’ll keep you posted, and if you ever come back to the fold, it’ll be my pleasure to retweet you till I’m blue in the face. 🙂

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