20 MORE blog tips!

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Enjoy another two-bob’s worth!

Yesterday’s blog tip post went down so well, I’m immediately tabling my next volume of blogging tips.

Not because I’m tired or uninspired, but because I used to be a DJ.

I learnt the hard way that if a dance floor’s jumping, it’s unwise to make sudden moves.

Monitor your audience carefully and give them what they want.

Only when their attention looks like waning should you change the groove.

So here’s today’s Top 20!

  1. A photo & caption which alone mean nothing, but combined mean everything, form a powerful post opening.
  2. If you know & love your topic, it’s almost impossible to get writer’s block.
  3. Stuck for a topic? Ask your audience what THEY want to read. They know better than you could ever guess.
  4. Use italics for emphasis. If you underline words (like I used to) readers may think they’re clickable links.
  5. Have some spare posts for emergencies. But don’t store too many, lest they go stale.
  6. If you’re truly stumped for a topic, as readers what they’ve been up to. It may trigger one of your best debates.
  7. Using your own pics is best. If you can’t photograph, partner with a pro who needs some words.
  8. When you have enough posts, add modest, relevant cross links to take readers on a fun voyage of discovery.
  9. In years of blogging, the most powerful word I’ve found is ‘you’. Better yet, it doesn’t wear out with use!
  10. When readers meet in your forum & start working together beyond it, you know you’re on the right tram.
  11. When readers use words YOU have to look up, you know it’s right to NEVER underestimate them.
  12. To holiday without losing momentum, ask a suitable forum member to write & moderate a guest post.
  13. To encourage shy readers & kill trolls, insist that ALL comments are POLITE. Clever & relevant are optional.
  14. If a reader writes a comment that’s longer & more authoritative than your post, rejoice in the honour.
  15. After writing a post, send it to relevant print media for broader reach. You may be surprised how well it fares.
  16. Keep a post fresh & connected by adding links to topical articles as you find them over time.
  17. If you connect genuinely with readers, many will also contribute to entirely different blogs you create.
  18. If you’re truly facing writer’s block, summon the worst moment of your life to date. Dark power = strong posts.
  19. Asking a photographer if you can use their Flickr pic is a fun way to cross-promote both your efforts.
  20. Readers go where readers are. If you can beat inertia, momentum is sublime.

[Rock out!]


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