Gathering the clans

May 20, 2015 at 10:04 am | Posted in social media | 4 Comments
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Putting you through …

To my surprise and dismay, I recently found that one of my most loyal readers had missed some pivotal blog posts.

On investigation, it emerged that he wasn’t across all the blogs I write.

To remedy this, I sent him the list below.

It then occurred to me that if you like some of my stuff, you may well like some of my other stuff too.

Here, then, are the blogs I currently tend for fun and profit (from most to least often):

Paul Hassing’s autobiography

Imagine Day

Living with Asperger syndrome

Practical copywriting tips

Practical social media tips

Now look here

Practical business tips

I’ve excluded blogs I ghostwrite for clients, so as not to obviate the ghost.

Your readership and/or feedback on any of these blogs would be deeply appreciated.

And, as I have no expectations of you, anything you may do will be a pleasant surprise.

And if you’d like help with your blog – from concept or creation to curation and promotion – I’d be delighted to serve.

With kind regards and many thanks for your interest.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.

Pic by Alan Levine.


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  1. Well, dear sir, I do believe I’m now following all your blogs.

    Here’s to happy writing and inspired reading.

    • Hi, Desolie. I just received three very welcome messages announcing your even greater patronage. I’m so pleased you saw fit to go the boxed set. Kind regards, P.

  2. Nice check up, as I thought I was following all, but was indeed missing Now Look Here (a favourite). That said, WordPress sometimes sends me two of one and none of another, and I’ve never been able to square it away with the settings. So, I’m glad you made a list. I’ve checked it twice. Carry on! Always fascinating.

    • Thank you x 2, Ad. Blogging does seem to involve a degree of shifting sand. I’m glad you’ve staked your claim. Best regards, P.

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