How to find and follow relevant people on Twitter.

April 24, 2010 at 9:28 am | Posted in social media | 4 Comments
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Mark my words: relevant Twitter followers are GOLD.

This week I offered advice to a client who’s making a splash in national media:

I’d like to see you get more Twitter followers.

The easiest way is to follow others who are relevant to your cause.

Most will follow you back

Just a dozen or so each week will soon add up.

You can’t afford to wait for cats to find you.

My client asked me how to find and follow. So I said:

In Twitter, click on Find People.

Type in a keyword, like wine*.

Click Search.

Anyone with wine in their name will come up.

Follow the ones that look interesting.

Repeat with a new keyword, like grapes.


My client got the message and is now happily building a relevant following.

As social media continues to shape the way we do business, this will become a priceless resource over time.

Try it! 🙂

* I changed these keywords to conceal my client’s industry and identity. But the principles are the same.

Paul Hassing, Founder and Senior Writer, The Feisty Empire.

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