Gathering the clans

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Putting you through …

To my surprise and dismay, I recently found that one of my most loyal readers had missed some pivotal blog posts.

On investigation, it emerged that he wasn’t across all the blogs I write.

To remedy this, I sent him the list below.

It then occurred to me that if you like some of my stuff, you may well like some of my other stuff too.

Here, then, are the blogs I currently tend for fun and profit (from most to least often):

Paul Hassing’s autobiography

Imagine Day

Living with Asperger syndrome

Practical copywriting tips

Practical social media tips

Now look here

Practical business tips

I’ve excluded blogs I ghostwrite for clients, so as not to obviate the ghost.

Your readership and/or feedback on any of these blogs would be deeply appreciated.

And, as I have no expectations of you, anything you may do will be a pleasant surprise.

And if you’d like help with your blog – from concept or creation to curation and promotion – I’d be delighted to serve.

With kind regards and many thanks for your interest.


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If you found this post useful or fun, you may wish to:

Your smallest kindness will keep me going strong. With many thanks, Paul.

Your emails are blog posts!

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A trove of blog posts may already be yours!

Many of my clients understand that they need to blog. Yet they’re thwarted by two mind blocks:

  1. What will I write about?
  2. How will I find the time?

What they don’t realise is that their blog posts may already be written – in their emails!

Let’s say you make uber-hi-tech vacuum cleaners.

One day, a frantic customer asks how to extract a hamster from the hypohepozappofilter without damaging either.

As a caring, conscientious manufacturer, you (or your tech person) take the time to write and send clear instructions to resolve this problem.

Six months later, you’re about to clean out your email Sent Folder.


Your hamster extraction email needs only a brief ‘top and tail’ edit to become a blog post.

And while this problem may not be common, anyone who does suffer it in future will be mighty grateful the answer is already online.

They can search your blog and fix their issue, without the hassle and embarrassment of contacting you.

And you don’t have to waste time considering the situation and writing the solution all over again.

If you don’t keep an email Sent Folder, start today.

If you do, cast your eye over it.

I’ll bet London to a brick you and your staff have written heaps of content that’s begging to be posted on your blog.

I’m not fond of the word ‘leverage’.

But when it means wringing the last atom of utility from a piece of work you’ve already done by reusing it in elegant new ways, I’m a fan!


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